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Gutisko Razda/Lengua Goda


Para debatir y estudiar sobre la lengua de parte de nuestros ancestros

Moderadores: Maese Hrodeberht, Ernust, Hroþiland bairhteins


Notapor Ernust » Lun Ago 25, 2008 11:12 pm

Poco que decir, solo los bonitos paisajes de nuestra tierra de origen:

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Odin, nuestra luz
ƕar ik im, miþþanei ik im, so is faus gutiskis land
"Llegaremos como fantasmas que somos desde la oscuridad, y los aniquilaremos a todos..."
El miedo llamó a la puerta, la confianza abrió y fuera no había nadie.

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Libro sobre los Godos en España

Notapor Walkiria » Mié Ago 27, 2008 5:30 pm

The Visigoths in Gaul and Spain
The Lost Gold of Rome by Daniel Costa
ISBN 9780750943970; 2007

After the death of Alaric, the wanderings of the Visigothic people
continued under the leadership of Athaulf, their new king. They did
have a homeland, food was scarce and there was the possibility of
the Romans organising at the last moment a military intervention
against them.

In 412, the Visigoths crossed the Alps into Gaul. In 414, Athaulf
married Galla Placidia in Narbonne according to the Roman tradition.
Then Athaulf tried to develop a warmer relationship with Honorius,
who was now his brother-in-law; for her part, Galla Placidia seems to
have entered into the marriage perfectly willingly. Honorius, who may
have been in love with Galla Placidia himself, ignored Athaulf's
overtures. Honorius reacted by sending to Gaul his new Master of
Soldiers, Constantius, a Catholic who was, too, consumed by love for
Galla Placidia, with orders to defeat the Visigoths and take Galla
Placidia away from the barbarians.

Constantius led a successful campaign against the Visigoths in
southern Gaul. He organised a blockade of the coast of Narbonne, thus
causing a shortage of supplies for the Visigoths. In 415, Athaulf and
his people moved to Barcelona, Spain, hoping to improve their
situation in that part of the empire after they had devastated south-
western Gaul during their withdrawal. In an act of personal revenge,
a Goth assassinated [Athaulf] in 415 in Barcelona. Eventually, the
Visigoths remained in southern France for almost a century where they
ruled a realm known as the Kingdom of Toulouse.

Para los lectores en lengua inglesa :lol:
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